Travelers flying in and out of India May Soon Get Relief

Delhi Airport has some good news for travelers. The waiting period at immigration counters is set to be reduced, making the travel experience smoother and more efficient. This announcement has been welcomed by travelers who often have to wait for hours at immigration counters.

According to the latest reports, the waiting period at immigration counters in Delhi airport will be reduced to less than 15 minutes. This is possible due to the introduction of new technology and streamlined processes that will speed up the immigration process. This is great news for travelers who often face long queues at the airport and have to wait for hours to complete the immigration process.

The new system will use facial recognition technology and will be integrated with the Aadhaar system to speed up the process. Passengers will be able to scan their passports and provide their biometric details, which will then be verified against the government database. This will eliminate the need for manual verification and reduce the waiting time at immigration counters.

The Delhi International Airport Limited (DIAL) has announced that the new system will be rolled out in phases and will be fully operational by the end of the year. The DIAL has also assured travelers that privacy and security concerns have been addressed and that the system is fully compliant with data protection regulations.